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BlackVue Wi-Fi DR500GW-HD using 64GB microSD Card

My BlackVue DR500GW-HD with 64GB micro SD

My BlackVue DR500GW-HD with 64GB micro SD

I have recently purchased a BlackVue DR500GW-HD dash cam that came with a 16GB MicroSD card. Since I like to record at it’s maximum resolution which is 1920 x1080P with highest quality I found it lacking in the amount of time it could record before starting to overwrite. I found that I could not get much more than about a days worth of normal driving and since BlackVue officially only supports up to 32GB I figured I would most likely find myself in the same situation that was with the 16GB so I decided to give a larger card and test my luck. At first no luck, upon powering on the DR500GW-HD I had a pleasant greeting of “check sd card”. I did some research on the web and it appears that DR500GW-HD only will recognize Fat32 format and by default since Fat32 only by standard goes to 32GB the 64GB micro SDXC1 was exFat instead of Fat32. After ding some search I found that you can specially format cards that are larger than 32GB in Fat32.

I used a tool called GUIformat, its a simple tool that allows you to format in Fat 32 using a Graphic interface, all setting used were default except the Allocation Unit size which I used 65536 instead of 32768 in hopes to improve performance. The larger the unit the better the performance however in turn each file will take 65536 bytes no matter if it’s smaller. As I plan to have couple hundred larger video files vs. a lot of small files there should be minimal loss of space due to larger allocation units.

After the formatting I was back in business now with 64GB recording capacity!